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This popular class is being run for its 11th season offering runners the opportunity to learn more about incorporating track workouts as part of their training regimen. It is one of the few classes offered locally for adults that emphasizes track workouts in a structured and supportive environment. In addition to the lead instructors, pace group leaders will accompany runners during some of the workouts depending on the particular workout, the number of participants, and the mix of paces in the class. The larger the class, the more fun we can make it!


This class is recommended for runners who have been running for at least 6 months and want to improve their race times. The emphasis will be on how to train to run faster. Each class will include a track workout designed to improve your ability to run at maximum effort. During each class session, a brief discussion covering the elements of a training program will be presented following the workout.  

Much of the information presented, will be based on materials in the book, Daniels' Running Formula by Coach Jack Daniels and runners will be taught how to use the Daniels "VDOT" tables for doing workouts on their own. New Interval training by Coach Peter Thompson will be introduced.  In addition, each session will include a pre-workout warm-up of dynamic drills, speed ladder drills, strides and post-workout cool down and core exercises.

Dates, Time
2 programs:  One on Tuesday, One on Thursday @ 6:30 pm
Tuesday night:  People running about  17:30 - 24:30 5k 
Thursday night:  People running 24:30 5k or Any time 

Witter Field in Piedmont

$40 - LMJS Racing Team Members (request code)
$50 - LMJS Members 
$60 - Non-Members

Lead Instructor
Jeanine Bourcier Holmlund is a Level 2 Certified USA Track and Field Sprints and Endurance Coach, RRCA and CIF Coach and competitive LMJS team runner. Jeanine has been a high school coach for 7 years, now at Piedmont High School. She also coaches track for the SF Marathon training program Run365 and volunteers with all the LMJS training programs as the LMJS Board member Training Coordinator.

Pacers and Helpers
Part of track class fun is having pacers and added advice from other experienced racers for some of our workouts from the LMJS Racing Team! 

If you have questions about the class, please contact
Jeanine Holmlund

2013 Results are in from the June/July Classes (Tuesday and Thursday programs) at the LMJS July 4th Sunday race:

30/37 racers ran faster than their starting 5k or 10k time with a couple of PRs; 24/37 jumped one or more vdot levels. Huge Improvements!!

We have runners at every speed and every distance running faster. Results from the July/Aug 2013 Class:

Alexis Fedorchak
I was in your track class this fall and I just wanted to report that I ran the Healdsburg wine country half yesterday and got a PR by 5 minutes! :)New time: 2:07:12.

Cindy San
I ran a 5 min PR at San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon! Hoping this is an indicator for CIM!

Pacer David Weisgerber
I ran the Livermore Grape Stomp Half Marathon yesterday. Finished 4th in 1:23:33. Nice little 47 second PR from last October. I think that focus on speed work really made that 6:20 pace feel much more comfortable after having a few months of Mike, Andy and the guys pushing the pace. Thanks again for a fun class.

Alex Kane
I had a great race at Primo's! (Actually it is not called Primo's anymore. It is now the Run for Education) My time was 20:50, so I improved by 1:44 over my previous best time before the class of 22:36! My VDOT improved from 43 to 47. I still got beat by some 12 year olds though.

Heidi Hintz
This weekend I participated in the Santa Cruz Olympic Tri and improved my overall time by 10:30 (even though my swim took 3:20 longer than the last time). My 10K time was 6:20 faster than two years ago! Since I didn't really train for the ride (and my time was better!), I am convinced the track class gets the credit for the better time.

Allison Williams
Starting class with a 5k 24:38 vdot 39 ran a 5K on Sunday in 23:54 (the day after a 14 mile run). New vdot 40!

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