USATFThe Pacific Association sponsors individual and team competition in road racing, mountain ultra trail running and cross country racing called the Grand Prix Series with prize money. These each consist of twelve to sixteen races spread around Northern California throughout the year.

The purpose of fielding our age-group teams in this competition is not as much about winning, but about trying your best, promoting camaraderie in LMJS, and getting a little outside your comfort zone by racing against the most competitive runners in Northern California.

The races range in length from 1 mile to the marathon with point totals being kept over the race series for both individuals and teams. To view a schedule for the 2015 Road Race Grand Prix Series click here. Current Road Race Standings show where the age group teams are compared to other teams. 

The Cross Country Grand Prix Series begins in mid August, and continues through November with races almost every weekend. These are in different locations on mixed road and trail, and range from 3-4 miles for women and 3-6 for men.  For a more thorough description, see "What is Cross Country?". Click here to see the 2015 schedule (not updated as of 2/14). 

LMJS Racing Team has been racing The Ultra Running Grand Prix Series consisting of 16 races trail races from 50K to 100M for the past 2 years.  Teams of 3 can be female, male or mixed male and female.   

The LMJS team is a young team, formed in April 2010. In just 9 months, it grew from 3 women to 45. In 2011, a men's team formed, and we are now a combined team of 57 runners. Currently, the age range of the team is from 27-74. LMJS team members are free to mix and match races from all 3 series. There is no minimum race requirement to be on the team.  All ages and levels of ability are welcome at any time!

To compete for the club, you must join the Pacific Association USATF, a cost of $30 per year. If you are already a PA member and race for another team, all you have to do to compete for LMJS is to change your affiliation and you can race for us after 90 days. Since 2013 the club is supporting the team by refunding each racer for their race singlet after they’ve competed in 3 PA/USATF races within 12 consecutive months, paying PA/USATF registration fees under certain criteria, carpools of 3 stipends. 

Interested in joining the LMJS RACING TEAM? Contact: 

Team CoordinatorJeanine Holmlund

Other Contacts:    Christine Chapon- Ultra, Rick Soper for the Men's team   

Our Age-group captains are Shauna Pirotin for open, Debra Cramer for 50+, Laury Fisher for 60+ and Suzanne Franco for 70+.


1st place Super Senior Team - Sharlet Gilbert 1st age-group, Carmen Briones 3rd, Kate Stewart 8th; Maria Briones 3rd Senior;  Jeanine Holmlund 4th Master

Top row from left:  Isela Gonzalez Santana, Jim Eckford, Minori Tsuge, Carmen Briones, Jeanine Holmlund, Jenny Kinder, Barb McQuinn, Elaine Merrill.  
Bottom row: Joann Pavlovcak, Bz Churchman, Jeanne Olson, Yavanna Reynolds, Maria Briones, Merrilee Profitt, Kate Stewart, Lucretia Ausse, Laury Fisher. 

Above: Some LMJS team members and friends after running the Christmas Relays 12/18/11.
Top Row:  Chris, Augusto Cardosa, Will Iberg, Kathryn Dernham, Wayne Cottrell John Momper.
Middle Row: Minori Tsuge, Brooke Roberts, Yavanna Reynolds, Laury Fisher, Jeanine Holmlund, Suzette Smith, Kate Stewart, Lucretia Ausse, Emily Toy
Front Row:  Merrilee Profitt, Sandi iberg, Shauna Pirotin


Christine Chapon, Laury Fisher, Elain Merrill, Merrille Profitt, Karen Andrews, Suzette Smith, Kate Stewart, Jeanine Holmlund

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